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Services for Established Biobanks

ISENET Biobanking, together with Air Liquide Healthcare Italy, offer services for established biobanks.

Remote storage

  • Liquid nitrogen at -196°C or vapour phase at -150°
  • Mechanical freezers at  -80°c
  • Storage at +4°c and room temperature (FFPI tissue blocks)
  • Storage for customer-owned freezers

Gap analysis

ISENET Biobanking offers audit to established biobanks in order to verify the compliance to norms and regulations actually in place.

Distribution of biological material

ISENET Biobanking can provide the distribution of high quality biological material to the research community following:

  • Ethical principles
  • Informed concent
  • Material transfer agreement

Disaster plan

ISENET Biobanking offers an innovative Disaster Recovery Plan based on:

  • Gap-Analysis (to current laws and regulations for biobanking cryobiology activities and infrastructure
  • Back-up storage
  • Mobile Biobank to recover liquid nitrogen tanks and -80°C freezers at custom infrastructure

Support for certification

Thanks to our expertise we are able to offer to established biobanks a valid support to ISO Certification.


ISENET Biobanking is committed to offering the best training programs.