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Storage and Distribution of your stem cell lines

ISENET Biobanking is the custodian of a number of research grade human and animal stem cell lines.

Storage and Distribution

ISENET Biobanking by participating in a number of European and National Research Projects and by collaborating with academic stem cell laboratories, acquires, cryopreserves, characterizes and distributes well-documented stem cell lines.

ISENET Biobanking applies a high quality management system by following a quality controlled procedure. 


Sample Traceability

ISENET Biobanking, uses state-o-the-art sample management software systems to trace all relevant data directly linked to the stored cells.

The system is configured based on the tank display sample types and user defined fields. All cell stocks are linked to a unique and univocal sample ID.


Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

ISENET Biobanking cryopreserves human pluripotent stem cells (fetal and induced pluripotent) including samples derived from patients with diseases such as Huntington Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

Sample types stored at ISENET Biobanking

The table below shows the different sample types that are cryopreserved in the biobank

mESCs mouse Embrionic Stem Cells
mNSCs mouse Neural Stem Cells
hNCPCs human Neural Crest Progenitor Cells
hFSCs human Fetal Stel Cells
hIPCs human Introducet Pluripotent Stem Cells
hGSCs human Glioma Stem Cells
hHFIBs humal Healthy Fibroblasts
hDFIBs human Diseased Fibroblasts
HCLs mouse and human Healthy Cell Lines
DCLs mouse and human Diseased Cell Lines